Arabian Vibes, the first collection of SÃLUM Parfums, dedicated to the nocturnal sea of Arabia. 

Perfumes that tell stories of distant and unknown seas, intense and oriental notes capable of arousing and rediscovering deep emotions.

Luca Maffei maitre parfumeur, young, curious, experimental, who has been able to interpret the complexity of this new creative challenge with the right impetus and passion.



The secret depths of the Arabian Sea envelop us from the first moment, with salty, marine and ozone nuances. The top notes intertwine with lively spicy citrus, merging with a dark and seductive heart. The magic of Saffron Flower, Blond Tobacco and Myrrh come together in an enigmatic game with touches of Coffee.


The sound of the sea on a mysterious, sensual, silent Arabian night. The fragrance opens with ozone notes made brilliant by Salt Crystals, Citrus and a spark of Pink Pepper in the dark. The heart, warm and secret, reveals a mysterious mélange of saffron, labdanum and geranium, wrapped in a leather veil with woody touches.


The preciousness of Rosa Damascena Absolute, a black and mysterious rose with touches of Guaiac, Patchouli and Birch introduce the scents of a deep and sensual sea, the Arabian sea. A deep and tactile embrace releases elegant scents of Suede, Cedarwood and Amber, combined with a refined cloud of Musk and Vanilla Orchid.


Perfumes, which tell stories never told before, immersing you in distant and unknown seas. The first collection tells of the nocturnal Arabian sea. Discover the three fragrances of the Arabian Vibes line:
Marine oud
Amber waves
Abyss Rose